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Georg Wikman, born 1943 in Helsinborg is a physicist, mathematician, scientist and entrepreneur based in Gothenburg.
Physicist and mathematician
Georg has a broad education within mathematics, theoretical and general physics and astronomy, studied mainly at Gothenburg and Lund University. He also attended teachers university and lectured in mathematics at Karlstad University. At ETH in Zürich Georg became interested in quantum physics and modern mathematics, which lead to the annual gathering of well-known physicists and mathematicians in Åskloster, Sweden.
In 1975 Georg founded the SHI with the purpose of gathering knowledge about medicinal plants from all over the world, promote scientific research of these and develop herbal pharmaceuticals. Focuse on pharmacologic and clinical studies in collaboration with i.a Harvard Uni., Uni. of Texas, Yerevan State MH and the Russian space program have led to Swedish herbal medicine has being used on the MIR station.
Swedish Herbal Institute (SHI)
Since the start in 1975 SHI has focused and research and development. 1980 an extraction plant was built for production of unique herbal extracts based on medicinal plants and today the company’s products are still manufactured in the GMP- / API-certified factory in Vallberga, Sweden. Present, SHI have market leading products like KanJang®, Sweden’s most common medicine against cold and flu.
Åskloster symposium
In 1988, through his contacts with the quantum physicist David Bohm, Georg arranged a conference in Hyssna, Sweden where prominent researchers from different disciplines within mathematics and physics joined in common dialogue. The gathering was much appreciated and Georg continued hosting these seminars. Since 2004 it has become a yearly tradition for the mathematicians and physicists to meet in Åskloster and exchange knowledge and ideas. Read more about Åskloster symposia here>> | Georg Wikman Copyright © 2013 | |